Ottawa, ON — October 31, 2022 — Ottawa’s Alliance Engineering has made an announcement this week that the firm will be entering the residential construction industry, specifically in green energy.

“A move into sustainable lifestyle solutions for consumers just makes sense”, stated Peter Paciorek, President of Alliance Engineering. “We already have the resources to support this type of operation, and we’re passionate about green energy.”

Green energy is not a new space for Alliance Engineering. Having worked on several LEED-certified projects, sustainability has been top of mind for the organization since its birth over 10 years ago.

“Sustainability may be a hot topic in 2022 but we’ve been supporting it already for a long time,” added Peter. “We’re passionate about a green lifestyle here at Alliance, so why not offer these services to the public?”

About Renew Ottawa Sustainability:

Renew envisions a future where homes are made more sustainable with environmentally geared solutions. We know that a core part of doing what’s necessary for tomorrow means reimagining residential energy consumption today. Renew provides residential energy services in Ottawa, focusing on:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
  • Solar Panel Installations
  • Heat Pump Furnace Conversions

Our mission is to provide the highest degree of commitment and quality when it comes to customer service, equipment, and installations. We believe honesty and integrity are key to realizing this vision.

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