Solar Panel Installations

Want a sustainable alternative to your rising electric bill?

Solar is the most reliable and renewable source of energy and your first step towards decarbonizing your home. Renew offers high-performance solar panels and roof installations for Ottawa residents!

Energy is expensive

Electricity costs have doubled in Ontario over the past decade. Meanwhile, the cost of solar energy equipment is a fraction of what it used to be and continues to become more affordable. When you take everything into context, solar is the least expensive way to help power your home and it’s not going anywhere!

How does solar save me money?

Solar panels have warranty coverage
Can reduce your monthly hydro bill to near-zero
Helps provide energy to a backup generator

How does solar benefit my home?

Protects your roof and extends its lifetime
Keeps your home cooler during the summer months
Helps transition homes with lighter energy loads off-grid

Solar panels can increase the value of your home by


Renew Your Home

With decades of combined experience in electrical and mechanical construction, retrofits and replacements, as well as sustainability planning and design, Renew’s team of professionals is committed to long-term solutions and satisfaction!

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